Village of Heisler

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About Heisler:

Heisler is a village in central Alberta, Canada. It is located 23 km south of Daysland and 20 km north of Forestburg. The community holds the name of Martin Heisler, the original owner of the land. Heisler was incorporated as a village on July 27, 1920. It was dissolved on March 29, 1938, but re-incorporated on January 1, 1961. Heisler’s population is 160 according to the 2016 census. Bonita Wood is the current Mayor.

Contact Village of Heisler:

Village of Heisler
128 Main Street, Box 60
Heisler, AB
T0B 2A0
Phone: 780-889-3774
Fax: 780-889-2280