Town of Daysland

The Community Press is proud to provide news, advertising, printing, and promotional services to the Town of Daysland, Alberta and its surrounding rural area.

About Daysland:

Daysland is a town in central Alberta located on Highway 13, 43 kilometres (27 mi) east of Camrose. Its current population is 824 according to the 2016 census. Daysland was incorporated on April 23, 1906. It became a town on April 2, 1907. Ed Kusalik is the current Mayor.

The Community Press has strong roots in the Town of Daysland. The ‘Press owns the publishing and archival rights to The Daysland News. The News was a successful newspaper that published for several decades in Daysland and nearby area. It was hit hard by the Great Depression and was purchased and amalgamated with The Community Press in the 1930s to best serve readers of both publications.


Contact Town of Daysland:

Box 610

5130 50 Street

Daysland, AB T0B 1A0

Town Office Phone: (780) 374-3767

Town Office Fax: (780) 374-2455