Golden Prairie 4-H a true multi-club, offering something for all

CANADA 4-H PHOTO Caroline Boddy of the Golden Prairie 4-H received the 2017 National Volunteer Leader of the Year award.

For 52 years, the Golden Prairie 4-H in Forestburg has been an active part of the communities of Flagstaf­f County.

Once based out of Heisler, known then as the Heisler Hemmer’s 4-H, Golden Prairie 4-H has gone through several name changes, was briefly disbanded, and then started up again as a multi club.

Eight years ago they changed the name to Golden Prairie 4-H. It was also decided that the 4-H would move to the area where most of there members were from, Forestburg.

The club has participants and volunteers come from all around the County to be part of their programs, providing outlets for a vast amount of interests.

They offer crafts, horse, a Cleaver kids group for children aged six to eight, locksmithing, archery, voice, and creative project possibilities for those 14-years-old and older. They also run cooking clubs, outdoorsman, sewing, small engine, and busking.

Groups each include a public speaking and community service.

“We encourage kids and young adults to be active in their community without remuneration,” says Caroline Boddy, volunteer leader of the Golden Prairie 4-H.

“The skills gained in 4-H are priceless when it comes to preparing these young people for their future lives,” says Boddy.

“What we provide is a combination of interest and community willingness to be a leader in the club. Kids can ask people in the community to consider being leaders and helping out.”

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Emily Rathjen
Staff Reporter

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