Killam Arena going forward with cool and heat header replacement

The Killam Arena has received funding to complete their replacement of the cool and heat header under the ice surface, and will complete the work this summer before the ice goes in this August.

Charlene Sutter, Director of Community Services says the initial funding for the project was a Western Diversification Canada 150 infrastructure grant, which is only for pre-existing facilities.

“The grant was available back in 2015, but our first attempt was declined, as the funds had already been allocated. In the spring of 2016 we became aware of a second round of funding, and tried again.”

The second attempt was successful, and the Rec. Board, who is driving the project, received $65,000, 50 per cent of the $130,000 project earlier this year.

“At that point, we were fairly close to having the full amount, as we have been allocating income from the recreation fund on the town utilities into reserves versus operations,” Sutter says.

Just when the Rec. Board accumulated enough funds to put the project out to tender, Sutter heard of another grant that the project may qualify for, this time, through Hockey Canada, and the World Cup Coaches fund. Sutter says she heard about the funding within days of when an application had to be made. “I included our Master List, and projects from this one, at $130,000, to some as little as $500.

“We had no idea what to expect.”

Sutter says that was around the end of April, and once sent, she didn’t get her hopes up. “I figured we may never hear if we were successful, and may not get anything.”

Two weeks later, however, she got a call from Hockey Canada, and days after that, received a cheque for $50,000.

“We were amazed, and are very grateful to have had our project chosen.”

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Leslie Cholowsky

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