Motorcycle donated by local manufacturer for Precious Pets raffle

Sven Bernard, of Williams Custom Bikes, has donated the motorcycle shown above to Precious Pets Rescue Society, so they can raffle it off as a fundraising venture.

Precious Pets Rescue Society is an Irma area animal rescue that operates in Flagstaff, Beaver, Camrose, and Wainwright counties, going wherever they are called to rescue dogs and puppies who are loved, fed, brought back to full health, and put up for adoption.

They do charge a fee of $300 per dog for adoption, but that doesn’t always cover costs, especially for very young puppies, and dogs who need medical assistance.

Earlier in the year, Heisler businessman Sven Bernard came across the society, and messaged them about a dog in their care, Jax.

“After two visits, Sven decided Jax was just what their family needed,” say Susan Lebsack and Ken Gray, the people behind Precious Pets Rescue.

“Although Jax was still very unsure and timid, Sven, and his lovely wife and son saw something special in this scared little pup.”

As it turns out, Bernard saw something else, not just in his new pup, but in Precious Pets.

When the couple were invited to visit Jax at his new home in Heisler, they were overjoyed at the transformation in the dog, they said.

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Leslie Cholowsky

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