From the Archives: Thieves get light haul at Sedgewick

(The Sedgewick Sentinel, October 31st, 1929) – On Friday night, October 25, the Home Elevator, of which Willie Rose is manager, and the N. Bawlf Elevator, of which E. V. Smith is manager, were broken into by burglars, who secured only a fountain pen from the Home Elevator and some clothing from the Bawlf Elevator.

From the latter elevator, they took a pinch bar, with which they forced their way into the rear of Richardson’s garage and, finding the safe in the garage open, they broke open a small inside cash drawer but got no money.

The burglars next attempted to break into the Mercantile store, but failed.

They found poor pickings at Sedgewick, and were probably frightened away before going any further.

Kids, can you imagine this happening on report card day?


From The Sentinel – 1929.

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